Down The Rabbit Hole

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“It starts from nowhere, like an uncontrollable chattering in your head, a million voices from all directions, aggressively pointing out every flaw, imperfection, mistake you’ve made. And then it turns physical, there’s so much chattering that it begins to become painful, as if your skull is vibrating from the noise, you try to ignore it and replace it with other thoughts, a conversation, or a task and you try so hard that the actions become a thick black blanket of apathy, and you’re nothing, for a small time you are nothing and nobody.

You cease to exist.
Have you ever been lost somewhere? Like properly lost? Like you have no idea where you are and you panic?! You feel sick! Well the sickness comes next, but it’s not sickness at being lost in your environment it’s the sickness drawn from the panic of losing yourself. You are falling down the rabbit hole, and like Alice you don’t know what’s up and what’s down”

hosp pic

“Down the rabbit Hole” © Arron Hansford

Illusory Superiority

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You can sit on the concrete
You can sit and meditate
The starving dogs will circulate
And wait to feed on your soul

The scaffolding is constructed
The skeleton of the close
“This shits fucking perfect”
The builders will boast

But sit still on the concrete
Your fingers pressed together
You’ll find that perfect mental state
This place won’t be forever


Paradise Lost

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In this realm there is no day and night, everything wanders aimlessly in a soft twilight under an always clouded sky, which seems to take on the colour of the sands. 



cat dissapearing late train tomb strength oven martyr



2 Years Pass….

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Stalybridge Trainstation

Stalybridge Trainstation

Market Street

Market Street

University is over, own initiative kicks in…

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So thats it, my university degree is finished (still waiting for results) and now i am on my own in terms of my projects and idea’s, which is kind of nice and refreshing, its nice to wake up and think hey i will do a project on this blah blah and i have as long as i want to do it :D no more deadlines to finish things and no more bloody awful essays or ‘journals’ that they make us do, time to just settle down and make some art, LOVE IT :) so i have already started a new project, working with photo-montage again, and this selection of images is going to be a series of narrative driven images combined with stories and poems, which i then want to build into a coffee table style book, kind of a pick up and then put down book :) heres a few images from the series :)

Words of Encouragement, Image © Arron Hansford 

The Cloud Room, Image © Arron Hansford 

Pipe Dreams, Image © Arron Hansford 

The Mothers Poem, Image © Arron Hansford 

Manchester Day Parade….

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Had an exciting day at the Manchester day parade last Sunday, loads of fantastic groups together creating a massive buzz right through the center of the city, i was there to photograph a friends drumming band (BAM – they were great, but i also took the opportunity to photograph the event for myself, and its not dry for photographs there, everywhere you look there is something awesome happening that you need to photograph, here are a few of my images from day :)

Manchester Day Parade, Image © Arron Hansford

Manchester day parade, image © Arron Hansford

Manchester day parade, image © Arron Hansford

Manchester day parade, image © Arron Hansford

Manchester day parade, image © Arron Hansford

Jubilee weekend (pronounced jublee if your posh and want to sound silly)….

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So unless you have been living under a rock for the last month or two you might have noticed that it was in fact the jubilee, and us Brits didn’t disappoint with our celebrations, we got down in style, loads of flags, extremely tacky but extremely British and it was great, i had my camera pretty much with me all weekend, and snapped loads of pics in my own discreet style, Enjoy!

Getting away from the jubilee rabble, image © Arron Hansford

Fly the flag, image © Arron Hansford

Great Britannia, image © Arron Hansford

Don’t forget that some of my work is bring shown the Manchester Metropolitan university degree show, from the 15th to the 19th of June, for more info on this contact me, or check the MMU art and design website :)


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