Arron shoots hair for Trend Vision 2011… REALLY?!?!

March 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

No word of a lie here folks, i actually shot some fashiony stuff, which is lightyears apart from my usual approach, the shoot which took part at the Wella studio’s in Manchester was part of Trend Vision 2011, the models were entries for this years hair competition, and although i am not a fashion guru by any means, (in fact i have no sense of fashion AT ALL!!) every model and haircut was stunning!

This is the second time i have shot a hair show now, and this shoot did not run smoothly at all, firstly there was a screw up with the lights, and then the flashgun we had was all sketchy and shizzle, and then the backdrop was creased, all quite frustrating i must say, but when we got there it seemed Wella had solved everything with their own little studio/catwalk thing, very swish indeed.

So word on the street is, that these images are going to end up in Harvey Nichols in town somewhere, which would be cool, but i will believe it when i see it, i am not a cynic i just thought that Harvey Nichols was a place for super fashion photographers with the talent of 50 Rankins!! Any who i am busy editing the images as we speak, i will post a few of my personal favourites from the day for you to stick your beady eyes upon, and critique to your hearts content… okay i am going now, i have a large bowl of lucky charms with my name all over it, £10 for 2 boxes at Selfridges in Manchester, cant go wrong with that! Toodles 🙂

Image, Arron Hansford 

Image Arron Hansford

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