Whats in store for Britain?

March 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

This piece of work is going to work like a documentary project, in that I will be documenting the streets of Manchester but looking for a more aesthetic approach rather than an informative one, all the images will be shot on digital, but rather than take my usual approach with black and white, I will experiment with color.

The idea behind this body of work is too create a dark and eerie picture of the city; I have recently worked with ideas of loneliness and isolation with my photography, but want to explore the feelings that the city gives me further, these images focus less on the idea of loneliness and isolation in the city and more on feelings of oppression, taking ideas from novels such as 1984 and the V for Vendetta graphic novel.

In the images I want to create an idea of loss of identity and a kind of “not knowing what the future holds” atmosphere around them, this feeling is quite personal to me after the recent change in government, which did not go the way I wanted it to, I feel this idea and piece of work will fit in well with the rise in paranoia towards our government that has risen in the last decade or so with ideas introduced such as ID cards and the large increase in the use of CCTV.

I would like to conduct video interviews or just sounds recorded interviews of people discussing how they see the country in 50 years or more and dub the interview over a slideshow of the pics, tie-ing the images together, I am sure university workshops can help me with this as I have never really worked with sound or video seriously before.

I have a few influences for this piece, starting with many of the great masters of street photography such as Winogrand, Bresson, and some newer practitioners like Ed Swindon and Nick Turpin.

Further towards the end, image © Arron Hansford

Transition, image © Arron Hansford

5 seconds of light, image © Arron Hansford

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