An Exhibition update for ya’ll

March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Photography Exhibition



24th March 2011


A group exhibition of 15 artists : Adam Tonge, Paul Czyzyk, Arron Hansford, Sophie Draper, Emily Robinson, Emma Lindsay, Laura Goldie, Chantelle Thompson, Oli Mosse, Jemma Wilcock, Lauren Branthwaite, John Merrill, Robert Marland, Harly Eames and Gareth Canny.

Will be held at: Antwerp Mansion

On: 10th until 13th May

Fifteen emerging artists present a selection of brand new work that questions whether photography, as we know it, is Dead or Alive.


The theme is at worst, simple and at best, paradoxical.


Once a photograph was a unique object – a one off in glorious black and white. Then through film and negatives it became reproducible. But it still retained the property of being an object – something that could be held in your hand and passed around. Now most photographs are intangible. They are images displayed on a mobile phone or computer screen. Images that can be manipulated with ease by anyone with access to a computer. “Photography” has become such a diffuse and all encompassing term. Does it retain any significant meaning? Are photographs still photographs.


The venue echoes the theme. Antwerp Mansion is a former Belgian Consulate and Conservative Club. The artists have worked hard to restore its derelict ballroom into an open exhibition space.


Dead or Alive is a challenge and adventure that questions the very essence of photography and draws creative responses from both artist and visitor.




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