University over, festival times over, summer shooting times begin…

June 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

So university is out for summer, and my fantabulous festival times at the Download Music Festival is over as well, so now i don’t really have ANYTHING to do, i have to plan for my extended final essay but thats night time stuff, so during the hot summer days i am going to spend the time trailing the streets and also get some good landscape work as well as street work done.

i haven’t been shooting a lot lately, so i need to get myself back in the mood and get out there, so inspiration time, 3 photographers i am going to get inspired by over this week…

NICK TURPIN! (composition)

image, Nick Turpin 

This dude is dragging the seriously old tradition of street photography kicking and screaming into the modern digital age, capturing the most fleeting and stunning of moments from the street with flawless composition.


Image, Christophe Agou

Christophe is quite possibly the best modern candid street photographer that have seen for a long time, his candid photographs of the New York underground are reminiscent of Walker Evans’ candid train images. shooting on a Leica 35mm and black and white film, Christophe shows his fantastic technique and skill of blending in with the crowd.

MATT STUART (colour)

Image Matt Stuart 

Matt Stuart is another fairly new Street Photography and a member of the In- public, street photography agency. showing amazing skill at spotting wonderful symphonies of colour and capturing them with stunning vibrancy, prolonged exposure to his images will make you start to look differently at everything!

So thats it my three photographers to study this week to build up my enthusiasm to get out and shoot as much as possible over the summer, so i will start posting as soon as i get shooting 🙂 TOODLES!!!

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