Stalybridge, the Ashton wanna be, that has been…

July 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

I moved to this town about 12 years ago, back then it was a haven for small businesses and generally, a safe place to live! but over the last few years it started to go down hill, with a decrease in small shops and businesses and huge increases in pubs and clubs, the town became a place where the drunk and violent could come and vent there frustration from the past week.  Adding insult to injury, the police station was also closed town, turning the place into some modern day wild west town.

Canal junk, image by © Arron Hansford

As everyone knows the drinking and party scene is pretty fickle, and soon the crowd was moving on to different towns offering more pubs and clubs to enjoy, leaving poor dumb Stalybridge with a load of pubs and clubs, and no one to use them apart from the odd lonely retiree and the benefits abuser! and now, along with the shops, the pubs and clubs are closing down too! nothing left here except Tesco, that hangs over the small town of Stalybridge like a behemoth!

Chair at window, abandoned clinic, image © by Arron Hansford

But fear not, some people are still making use for little old stalybridge, most prominently the large number of heroin abusers that seem to crawl out of the wood work like cockroaches, and then retreat back to one of Stalybridge’s many derelict buildings to get high again before returning back into society for casual shoplifting! its not all bad i guess though, sometimes people get together and have a little celebration called stalybridge splash…. oh wait, that usually descends into drunken mayhem as well, with fully grown blokes having ” a go” at each other in front of bewildered looking children, lovely.

Front door derelict building, Stalybridge, image © by Arron Hansford

Ahhhh but i hear you ask, where are the council, and shouldn’t they be spending people’s council tax money on this town, to help it recover, well yeah they do spend the money but not where its needed, instead they like placing huge strange sundials in the middle of the town with some crazy cost attached to them! weirdo’s, we need business here people, not sundials, theres a F@&*IN’ huge clock across the road from this sundial any how! who’s going to work out the time when you can simply just read it from a clock face!! okay i am getting angry now, so i’ll calm my self down! my point is, this used to be a nice town and its shame to see it go down on the account of some ill advised decisions and an incompetent council!

Derelict building corridor, image © by Arron Hansford

next week i’ll have a go at Ashton if you like haha!


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