Decay is beautiful…

July 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

So today to keep my self busy i thought would head up to a nearby town called Heyrod. Now for those of you who play the video games “Fallout” you would love this place, its stuck in like the 1970’s lots of decaying derelict buildings from that time, and most of them with pretty easy access, except perhaps the power plant which involves a little climbing. The power plant in Heyrod was closed down in 1970 and used to supply power to much of the Tameside area.

Heyrod power plant, 1965, 

Now the power plant is completely derelict and in the process of being reclaimed by nature, a short walk across the canal to the right of the power plant will also bring you to Millbrook sidings, which was where all the coal for this power plant was stored during its working days.

Millbrook sidings, Image © Arron Hansford 

Handprints at Millbrook sidings, image © Arron Hansford 

Access to the power plant these days is via a green gate on Springbank Lane in Heyrod, the gate must be climbed (Don’t do it, i am not inciting breaking and entering here, and it can be dangerous in there) but by all means visit it and have a look outside the gate, Millbrook sidings is not locked in anyway so you can just simply walk in, its safer than the power station, but not as exciting 🙂

Power plant sub station, image © Arron Hansford 

Door to power plant sub station, image © Arron Hansford

So there we have it, Heyrod power station, definitely worth a visit guys, and Heyrod in general so many derelict buildings to explore and photograph in one day, its great!

Heyrod Power plant, image © Arron Hansford 


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