And a new project begins…

July 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes you are a shooting a project or a narrative of images and you won’t even realise it, that happened to me this afternoon when i went shooting and came back with the beginnings for a decent series of images, showing the tiny snippets and beautiful moments of life that are so ordinary that they go unseen from day to day. Now, i have been reading a lot of william Eggleston lately, and continued exposure to his images just transforms your mind into some kind of super focused machine, seeing things that you normally wouldn’t and giving them the attention they deserve! so there is a lot of his influence in these images, but its too early to tell whether this project will be successful, so here are a few from the start, and i will get cracking on with it.


Confederate? Image © Arron Hansford

That time of day, image © Arron Hansford

Want not, waste not, image © Arron Hansford

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