So i thought i would start adding a few lessons and tips on here…

July 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

So i decided that the blog needed some kind of new topic or a series of posts that you guys would find useful, so i thought, hey, why not shove a few lessons on here for people to follow, not difficult tips and techniques but just straight forward techniques to use in photoshop or whilst your shooting etc. so todays topic i am going to show you is split toning in photoshop, very straight forward but it can really make your images “pop” 🙂 lets get started!!

So to start we have to open our image (duh 🙂 ) and then convert it to black, this technique will work in colour but i prefer it in black and white.

Next we need to open up curves from Layer > New adjustment layer > Curves, and then on the top left where it says “channel” select “Blue” from the drop down menu.

Next we drop the top end of the line, don’t go mental, be gentle 🙂 lol, and tweak it to the way you like it, we have to raise the bottom of the line to make the curve, the image should now look slightly toned, but it isn’t split toned just yet, click “ok” and lets get started with the last bit!!

Now we need to go back to the curves menu and then go to the “channel” drop down menu and select “red”

Now we need to create the curve for the “red” channel, but we do the opposite of how we worked with the “blue channel, RAISING the top end of the line and LOWERING the bottom end, this will complete the split toning, tweak the curves to suit the way you want your image to look, and sometimes i like to put an anchor point in the centre of the curve to either warm up or cool down the image slightly.

Before split toning image © Arron Hansford

After split toning effect image © Arron Hansford

So there you have it folks, give it a shot, its very straight forward but its a look like i quite like, easy to achieve, just play around and tweak the curves until you get the image looking how you want! I’ll see what other techniques and tips i can show you and i will blog them down soon 🙂


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