Monotone madness…

August 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

So today i thought about showing people decent ways to create a black and white image in faceboook, now most people would be like “just press the black and white option” yeah you can do that, but that just gives you the standard black and white look, i am going to show you the way i get my black and white effect by using the gradient map in photoshop CS3 lets go 🙂

Okay, so we don’t end up with a silly looking gradient map we should reset our foreground and background colours to the default black and white, so we will do this by pressing (D)

so first thing we need to do is open up the gradient map, so go to layer > new adjustment layer > gradient map,

Next we need to add the gradient, which is just fairly straight forward, make sure it is in black and white and press ok 🙂

Ta daaaaaaa, we are in black and white, but this still needs a bit of tweaking to give it that nice perfect black and white feel, so next its off to my favourite photoshop tool, “curves” so we need layer > new adjustment layer > Curves

Okay now with the curve tool we want to create a very gentle “S” shape, this will boost the contrast significantly, so be gentle and tweak it to how YOU like it 🙂

Next i am going to add just a little bit of warmth to the image to give it a sepia/oldie look, not to heavy though, so i have taken the saturation down to 5, make sure you tick the colorise box at the bottom right, then play with the hue slider to cool down of warm up the image, hey make it green orange or purple, its up to you if you like it go for it 🙂 

Before gradient applied, image © Arron Hansford

After gradient applied, image © Arron Hansford

so there we have it, black and white effect through gradient map, now, some people can find that this technique can create images with a bit too much contrast for their taste, so tomorrow i will also put up a technique to create black and white using the channel mixer, which does give people a bit more freedom, as with everything you learn about photoshop from other people these are just guidelines and you should add to these approaches if you can to create your own look and feel 🙂


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