And the project progresses….

August 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

So a while ago i told you all about a new project i was starting, this project is now named “exposures on life” the project focuses on things i find in my travels, and feel i need to photograph them, the project is incredibly straight forward taking idea’s from William Eggleston and steven shore, my idea’s and thoughts will become clearer as the project progresses, but this is project so far, please view and comment, i love to hear your opinions and it helps a lot.

That time of day, image © Arron Hansford 

Want not, Waste not, image © Arron Hansford 

Confederate? image © Arron Hansford 

 A piece of life, image © Arron Hansford 

Not so forgotten past, image © Arron Hansford 

The light is warmer on the other side, image © Arron Hansford 

Our daily bread, image © Arron Hansford 

So there we have it, the project so far, there is going to be many more images added over the rest of the year though, so leave your comments in the about section, which images you hate, which ones you like etc. and on how the series should be laid out 🙂


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