London relaxation…

October 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

Not updated for a while guys, been pretty busy with university things and the such, but hey, i had a free weekend last weekend and me and my girlfriend went for a break in London, couldn’t have picked a better time to go really, the weather was awesome! if not a little too hot at times! so anywho, photography, there is so much to photograph down there especially if your into street photography, i got a little bit of it done, but at the end of the day it was a break for me and my girlfriend so i didn’t want to bore her by making her stand on street corners and busy roads for hours at a time 🙂 haha! but any who heres a few pics that i took whilst i was down there 🙂


Tower of London guard, image Arron Hansford 

Lion Fish from London Aquarium, image © Arron Hansford 

Big Ben, image © Arron Hansford 

Eating at Borough Market, image © Arron Hansford 

Thames at night, image © Arron Hansford 

Street painter, image Arron Hansford 

So yeah, nothing too spectacular, but it gives you the jist of what i got up to whilst i was down there 🙂

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