Images of populus…

December 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Images of Populus.

Today the word “Job” is on the end of most peoples tongues during conversation, or the idea of a job is usually on somebody’s mind, finding a job these days has become the main drive for everybody, the job we have or the job we want shapes us, makes us who we are in today’s society, usually one of the first questions asked is “what job do you do?” when greeting somebody.

 The idea that a job is what makes us what we are is absolutely absurd, a job is what we do either because we enjoy it, or merely for financial gain, you are not your job.

 These images are trying to show the absurdity of a world, where people really are their jobs, the artists becomes his easel, the astronomer becomes the planet he is studying, he loses all thought of as himself as a person, the images appear bright pleasant and happy on the surface, but they hold an underlying message and warning of the idea of the loss of oneself through the work you do, and the obsessions you create.

The Artist

Image, © Arron Hansford

The Scholar

Image, © Arron Hansford


The Environmentalist

Image, © Arron Hansford


The Explorer

Image, © Arron Hansford


The Astronomer

Image, © Arron Hansford


The Inventor

Image, © Arron Hansford


The Lepidopterist

Image, © Arron Hansford

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