2 New projects….

April 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

So its been a while since i updated this blog, due to my internet breaking (Annoying). Anyhow because i have not had the internet and it being the number one cause of procrastination lol, i have started 2 new projects, which is probably not advisable this close to my deadline and Final exhibition for university haha! any way the first project is called “Spaces” and i am taking a stab at creating surrealistic images of rooms inspired by books i am reading, the next project is called “Artefacts” where i am actively looking for old used items to photograph then giving them an important museum archival look to put them in a different light, both projects are in th early stages but i will keep you all updated, for now have a look at the first images 🙂

The ship room © Arron Hansford

The ship room © Arron Hansford

The Cloud room © Arron Hansford

The Cloud Room © Arron Hansford

Gas Mask © Arron Hansford

Gas Mask © Arron Hansford

Head Torch © Arron Hansford

Head Torch © Arron Hansford

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