Happy News

October 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

There’s not much for me to do they say,
So we might as well watch the world falter and sway,
A soldier got shot in Canada today,
Ebola won’t go away,
And the Tories will still be here in May

Now I am not saying it’s all doom and gloom,
After all we’ve got good stuff like the log flume,
The burgers and chips from McDonald’s are great,
And you can always sit down and masturbate

What am trying to say is when will it end?
When will we curb this depressing bend?
The world is still fun, we’ve still got the sun
Although NASA says 2000 years and it too will be done

But for now is it not enough to share a smile,
To hold a good friends hand once in a while,
To realise the world isn’t all shit,
And that we can share and love a bit

From here on out I declare,
We should consider the words truth and fair,
That no man is below another,
And that we are all from the same mother,
Nature that is

So take some love and throw it to,
The struggling man stood next to you,
Take his face Into your hands
And tell him, that no one stands


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