Living the Dream

November 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

He’d got the job, the child and wife
He pretty much had the perfect life

Big house and cars and huge windows
But he liked to shove white powder up his nose

His habit was quite expensive to feed
But his job had provided for all his needs

On a Monday he walked into work briefcase in hand
To be told that the business had made its last stand

He needed to go home and tell his family and friends
That his life had taken an unexpected bend

He wasn’t that worried as his savings were good
Plus his thoughts were numbed by his favourite drug

He arrived home late and told her that night
The situation ended in a heated fight

He should have stayed sober when he broke the news
Should have manned up and explained it through

She took his son by his arm and walked him away
She wouldn’t tell him where they would stay

The house was left empty just the ticking of the clock
Apprehension and fear like a criminal in the dock

There was only one thing he could do when he was this down
And that was to head to his favourite part of town

He arrived to meet his dealer outside the cinema
He wanted 36 grams of cocaine but his dealer said ‘nah’

He’d sold all his cocaine and was having difficulty getting more in
But he said he had a good batch of heroin

His dealer threw in some needles for good measure
Then he drove home fast side glancing at his new treasure

He arrived home and cooked up in haste
He couldn’t wait to have a taste

He’d seen this done in the movies before
Make a tourniquet, find a vein, and slide down to the floor

The drug hit his brain hard and fast
Surely such a rush was not meant to last

Waves of warmth and happiness
Took away the worries and bitterness

He smiled and laughed and rubbed his arms
He looked like a patient from a funny farm

The high did end eventually
But he took another hit immediately

This went on for days
Hit after hit a week in a daze

And when he ran out he drove to town for more
Hoping the next hit would be as good as the one before

And when he ran out of money to pay
He’d sell the things he’d earned back in the day

The months passed by he did not hear from his child or wife
And there was barely any evidence of his former life

Cheeks sunk in and his skin ghostly white
Bruises and cuts from unknown fights

His house repossessed and his family gone
Heroin was the only thing in his life that shone

He found himself on the streets
No car, no wife, no way to make ends meet

There’s cardboard for bed
And a ripped hat for his head

You’ll see him walking around the square in town
Telling people how he had that life shit down

How he has a lovely child and a gorgeous wife
Hidden somewhere in his miserable life

Living the dream

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