Sympathy towards the inanimate

February 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

Even as a child I always had a strong feeling of sympathy for the inanimate, I can possibly attribute this to my only child status and my somewhat isolated and lonely childhood. Even as a child I have vague memories of picking up toys that other children had discarded in the street, not for the want of ownership or to play with them, but for the items own emotional salvation, the object would lie there looking forlorn to me, and the feeling of sympathy for the object would be overwhelming , so much so that I would over the years, establish quite an impressive collection of these “rescued” toys.
Thorough research Into this self explained “sympathy towards the inanimate” returned information on a phenomenon know as kinaesthetic sympathy, a brief official definition of which is listed as “the state of having an emotional attachment to an object when it is in hand which one did not have when it was out of sight.” Kinaesthetic sympathy has been linked with the actions taken by people with hoarding disorder and also sufferers of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and or ADD (attention deficit disorder). although I have never been officially diagnosed with OCD or ADD, my kinaesthetic sympathy did lead to issues of hoarding when I was in my early teens, regularly filling my bedroom with collected items to the point where it was virtually inaccessible, thankfully this did calm down towards my mid teens and the feelings of kinaesthetic sympathy did dissipate somewhat.
what started out as a photo series attempting to capture images reflecting the world after humans, has developed into something much deeper and personal. Spending time alone shooing the “reclaimed” series has began to re – open the feelings of attachment that I feel towards inanimate objects. The images depicting the lonely and used up objects, capture a deeper part of human nature, one that I have always found shocking and somewhat upsetting, the complete disregard and contempt that we show to those or that which no longer shows any possible benefit for ourselves as individuals, and through this I feel that those who connect through kinaesthetic sympathy, show a stronger connection and understanding to the world around them, a bit more sympathy that perhaps the world as a whole could benefit from.
The “reclaimed” series is ongoing, however, I have decided to shift direction of the series and will target it towards a more deeper study of kinaesthetic sympathy, I will keep regular updates on the piece.
Thank you!!! 🙂

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