You Can’t be promising forever…

August 2, 2016 § Leave a comment

Its been probably over one year, since i last updated this page, over that time i have been working various terrible and low paid jobs to support myself, and it finally appears that the tedious 42 hour work has now become completely incompatible with myself, not only has working what i see as useless and unrewarding jobs put my mind into some kind of a funk, but it has also massively affected my art practice, leaving me completely drained and wasted by the end of the working week and not in a position to work how i work best, as a result of this i have now decided to pursue an MA in fine art, and finally move away from the rat race, there’s no doubt that this will be a challenge and possibly very testing time in my life, but to continue a lifestyle that is making me miserable and dragging me away from i love to do, Art, is no way to live, over the last year or two i have felt that my brain has been asleep, completely numbed and driven into the ground, by Tesco meal deals, timescales, 220 phone calls a day averages and battery hen style environments.

Sleeping in the park

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