Father Please at Holden Gallery – 2017

September 7, 2017 § Leave a comment

The work presented is an image from the series “father Please” its presence is a reflection of the breakdown in communication between a father and his son, desperate to be heard and to be seen the performance and resulting image has become a broadcast of the son’s situation, displayed in public for all to see.

Best one

The accompanying audio is the fallout from the image, the image deconstructed and made audible carries with it a significance in itself, as the image appears to be attempting to communicate with the audience on several sensory levels, the low audibility of the sound, is reminiscent of a struggle to communicate usually experienced by humans in dreams, a reflection also of the characters perceived inability to be heard and to effectively communicate.

The space in which the piece is installed has been used to create a sense of distance, the pillars exaggerate the size the space the used, but also as one approaches the images, the pillars build toward a sense of smaller space, creating an almost personal experience between the image and audience, the audio placed to the sides of the image, create a building but discreet crescendo of noise initiated by the viewers natural feelings of the need to approach the image, the images delicateness and therefore the fragility of the character and emotions at play within the image, can be broken when the projectors beam is disturbed, instilling a feeling of caution within the audience, the space has become a very delicate, and almost hallowed piece of ground.

Father Please, at the Holden gallery – 2017

The exhibition can be viewed from the 22nd September 2017 – 7th October, in the Holden gallery in Manchester.


Arron Hansford

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