Fixing time as solid object

August 28, 2019 § Leave a comment

13 seconds of my time as artifact 2019

(8 Seconds of time made as Artifact. 2019.)

(Charcoal on paper)

Trying to fix the unseen passing of time into a solid object or artifact, seems to me to be an important if not essential area of human life.

Prized above anything owned or physically held in life, it seems strange that it goes so unseen, the next series of images, paintings, drawings video’s and audio will explore time as a visual and physical object that can be seen and therefore accessed and discussed.

I believe that the only way this “true” study of time can be achieved, is through the complete abstraction of the concept, i do not believe painting clocks, or photographing moments in long exposure, or capturing my appearance over time, will shed any new light on this topic, i wish to create images that almost seem to absorb the time spent, and that seem to hold that time in place, passing time seen fixed.

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