If i have to go into myself i will not survive progress

June 13, 2017 § Leave a comment

Work is continuing on my short film “If i have to go into myself i will not survive” it is an exploration of modern day communication from the distance of self imposed isolation… the footage is still in its raw form but can be viewed below.

Tower ChadImage Werneth







If i have to go into myself, i may not survive

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A recent change in environment has lead me to begin a study on the idea of community communication and the prevailing isolation experienced by some, constant messages travelling through the air unseen and unheard are given a place of significance in my upcoming film “If i have to go into myself, i may not survive” sound is best with headphones for the 1 minute teaser below.

New sounds

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Recently i have been experimenting with the sound that i have derived from my images from the series “Father Please”. I have been trying to create a sound that creates the impression of a broadcast, but also i wanted to create a sound that was more intriguing and interesting to listen to than the raw data i have extrapolated from the images, below is an example of sound from todays work, that i have created, the original morse code work is back within the audio, however i have decided to use only one statement within all the sound pieces, the “Father Please” statement in morse code will now be a stationary part within all the sound pieces, giving the impression that the broadcast of “Father Please” is permanent and ongoing.


The Second Time i got my first pair of shoes” 

Sloe Gallery Exhibition: 18th May 2017

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I will be showing an early version of my ongoing project “Father Please” at the Sloe Gallery in Manchester on the 18th May 2017, the work will feature 4 images from the series and the sound (See Below posts) derived from the deconstructed images, visitors will be able to interact with the images themselves using a tablet and headphones, to pick and choose which image they wish to break down and listen too, the images show and present via distorted sound, the many levels that build up a relationship, from the initial first view to the complex emotions flying around at the very core.


(Walk here flier 2017) 

Sloe Gallery exhibition

(Early install stage of ‘Father Please’ at Sloe Gallery Manchester, 2017) 

For more information please see the website for Sloe Gallery http://www.sloegallery.com

or Facebook and Instagram @sloegallery

drinks available on the opening night 18th May 2017 between 18:00 and 21:00 – open to the public every Saturday until 1st July 2017.


New Images, New Sound – Father Please.

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shirt copy

Father Please is a project that i have now been working on for almost a year, the project is an exploration of communication within relationships, and also the relationships between photography and sound, it is also working as early research into what we think a photograph is, or what a photograph can become, the work will show at sloe gallery in manchester in May, and i will upload dates and info on that nearer the time.


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Recently my work has featured on the Photograd website, showcasing my current work and also discussing my MA studies, the link to the main review is below…



Image from “Father Please”- current visual and audio piece.

New Image

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Further work from upcoming photography exhibition exploring relationships and communication through sound and photography , please read further below for full description of project.


Accompanying sound, is the broken down image.