Relationships and the complexity of communication

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The character in the image has lost all identity, he wants to reach out and speak, he wishes to communicate and to be heard, but the object has taken precedent, the giver of the object is in control and they feel that all that needs to be said can be done through the transitioning of objects.


The morse code breaks through a message of desperation and portrays a cry for help, the background noise is the image itself broken down into simple sound… the message reaches out from the image and addresses the controller of the situation directly.

“Father, Please”

The following depicts the destruction of a transitional object, the frustration has been taken out on the object used during a communicational attempt, again the object has taken precedent, becoming more important than the characters of the narrative.


Again the image has been broken down into sound, the morse code reaches out with another message of desperation “words for father” the offering of open discourse between the two characters, the sound of the image has become harsher than the previous, this is serendipity and has had no editing done to it in any way, confirming the angered voice of the image, in contrast to the much more subdued image above.

Relationships through things and places.

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These images are from a series of ongoing photography work i am working on, the images are exploring relationships through the interchanging of gifts and the places where relationships have played out, in particular the relationship between a father and his son.





The images use the loss of personality as a metaphor for the depersonalisation that can take place in strained and difficult relationships, the objects shot in the images are transitional objects, passed from one character of the relationship to the other, the objects obscure the recipients face, giving the object precedent within the narrative, however the juxtaposition leaves the viewer awkward and uncomfortable, this is how it is? but is this how it should be? locations shot, are area’s of strong or significant memory, shot in harsh and direct flash, they are but glimpses of the locations, shot as our memory remembers, in brief moments or snapshots, obscuring any hope of a clear and complete story.




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As part of my MA course in photography i am currently working with the Health and wellbeing course at Manchester Metropolitan university, this year we are exploring age, for early research i have conducted an interview with my grandma discussing her age, her life, and her views on the younger generation.

Brenda flattened best

Brenda is 78 year old woman from Manchester, as a child she suffered an attack of polio which left her disabled in one of her legs and therefore giving her life long mobility issues, and is now suffering from acute arthritis in her hands, recently she has been moved into a care home for the first time in her life, and is now coming to terms with her age. Here she discusses with her grandson in frank terms her opinion on age, the younger generation and her life in brief.

23:30 Monday

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It’s on the edge of the cliff again, creativity, I can feel it, just there out of reach, sat in my stomach wanting to claw its way aggressively to my mouth and be heard or seen, but it doesn’t come, like solid vomit it sits heavy in the gut, I wanna scream with frustration, I wanna punch my self till it pours from me, till every blank page is soaked in it, then I’d sit and say “there it is”, but I scream and there’s sound, but it’s silent, meaningless, and I scream again, and there’s nothing, I am running from person to person I shake them from the shoulders and I scream in their faces, I want to say the things I need to say, but I speak like a mute, the words are noise, but they are silent, it’s moved up into my head, the words the sounds the images, I need to take a hammer to the box, to free the thoughts from within and let them run all over me, but I can’t, I am pathetic, I am a coward, I blame the city, I imagine swatting it with a giant hand, and pound it into dust whilst I scream and cry, there must be something to blame, and they restrain me and pin me to the ground, and I try to tell them of the images inside the sounds, the words, but I am roaring at them and they are afraid, we are all cowards.


The Male image or father son Connection

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Gah, i am mega stuck at the moment, working through my research and development stage for my MA, the area of research or more the ideas themselves keep splitting into tangents and i just cannot seem to grasp the area of study with both hands as it just slips out and becomes obscure again, I am starting to just shoot and record as many images around the idea as i can hoping it will begin to form an idea, the project itself should either be a study of masculinity or a study of father son relationships, in particular my relationship with my father, but yet i dont know if i want to portray the real relationship or a fictitious relationship or whether i want it to be a more documentary style approach to masculinity in the modern day…

dsc_0019 My Fathers Gifts to me – 1st Study 


University: 1 year to MA show

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So i got onto an MA photography course back at MMU where i also gained my BA, its exciting and so far i am really enjoying the course although i have really had an induction week, i have noticed already though i have been much more productive in the last few weeks than i have been in the last few years, taking on many smaller projects and working toward my final MA project which should be exhibited roughly September next year, the work will focus on the father & son relationship, the role of father figures in a Boy’s life and the long lasting effects of a damaged relationship between father & son, the work will possibly branch out further to look at the perceived image of masculinity in today’s society, but i only have a year so i will need to see how my time management pans out, i have been shooting a lot of photographs this week, and have also had the opportunity to see this years MA show at the Manchester School of Art, which i would advise people to go down and have a look at because its great 🙂



Holden, Manchester, September 2016


Stalybridge, September 2016 

You Can’t be promising forever…

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Its been probably over one year, since i last updated this page, over that time i have been working various terrible and low paid jobs to support myself, and it finally appears that the tedious 42 hour work has now become completely incompatible with myself, not only has working what i see as useless and unrewarding jobs put my mind into some kind of a funk, but it has also massively affected my art practice, leaving me completely drained and wasted by the end of the working week and not in a position to work how i work best, as a result of this i have now decided to pursue an MA in fine art, and finally move away from the rat race, there’s no doubt that this will be a challenge and possibly very testing time in my life, but to continue a lifestyle that is making me miserable and dragging me away from i love to do, Art, is no way to live, over the last year or two i have felt that my brain has been asleep, completely numbed and driven into the ground, by Tesco meal deals, timescales, 220 phone calls a day averages and battery hen style environments.

Sleeping in the park